Civil Engineers 1963-1989

Word Count: 181

Dated November 2017

Outside my building I found a box of photo negatives, kodak slides and 35mm film. I did not know who they belonged to. They were in the trash, they needed rescuing, I was there. I took them and started snooping. I found parts of names and handwritten notes. Photos spanning more than of 25 years.

They sat in my closet and sometimes I pulled them out to look. I started a painting using one photo of two strangers as reference. 

But the photos did not belong to me, not even if I had been their rescuer. 

I googled and I found one, Mr. ___ , a civil engineer, a retirement notice. White pages, I called and got another number, I call and find Carol. Carol is married to Mr. ___ . They don’t know who the box belongs to either, but they recall all the other scrawled names I found. I will return the photos and meet the civil engineers I saw in front of tri-folds at conferences and posed in front of engineering landmarks with styrofoam cups of coffee.



I wrote this story a few months ago and since then I have met Mr.___ and Carol. They came over for tea and went through dozens of slides using a kodak slide projector I borrowed from my college. They were lovely!