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Zomer is the Dutch word for Summer and was the name of the art show that Caleb (my partner) and I curated out of our appartment this September. 

 Since we curated the show and used our home as the venue most people in the art world would not deem our show a show at all. Instead they would call it just a "Party". I am not making an assumption here, an instructor at my college made sure to tell me that the event Caleb an I hosted had been a party and not a show, period.  However according to Wikipedia: "An art exhibition is traditionally the space in which art objects (in the most general sense) meet an audience." Even though Wikipedia is a source which students are told never to use lets just go with it. 

At our "party" we showed "art objects" and we had an "audience" of about 40 people so calling it just a "party" would be incorrect yes? 

Though if my landlord had asked what us what we were doing in the apartment with 40 other people I would have told him that we were just having a "party". 

I think people worry about legitimacy and quality of work when people self publish or curate their own art shows. Maybe the assumption is that the only reason one curates a show out of their home is because they can't get a show anywhere else. Same with self publishing. 

Though empowering yourself through organizing an event within your means could be a sign of eagerness and ambition, not lack of ability.